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Ripley's offers the BONECO air purifiers and humidifiers to help keep the air in your home comfortable and germ free. They act as protective shields that trap the smallest particles in the air.  We offer different models that can purify areas from 600 to 1075 square feet.

COVID-19 Facts

BONECO air purifiers remove 99.9% of all particulates down to the size of .3 microns and 95% of particulates down to .03 microns in size.

The average size of COVID-19 particulates are .12 microns in diameter*.

How Big is a Micron**?

- The human hair is 40 to 300 microns
- Household dust is .05 to 100 microns
- Mold is 3 to 12 microns
- Pollen is 10 to 1000 microns

* Dr. Gregory Poland, COVID-19: May Clinic expert answers questions about masks after CDC updates its recommendation,, April 6, 2020
** The Engineering Toolbox, Particle Sizes