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When it comes to the best air purifiers for allergies, our patented technology cleans your indoor air to reduce dust and mold. Our Airwashers incorporate cold water evaporation, trapping allergens and irritants within the device. The process is simple: As air enters the machine, it collides with sheets of water. Air then passes through the Airwasher, leaving the potentially harmful elements behind. As the best air purifier for dust and mold, the VENTA AIRWASHER operates silently in the machine emitting nothing but clean air at an ideal moisture level for optimal health.

IQAir systems are more powerful than any other air purifiers around, yet they are energy efficient and cost effective. While less expensive air filters only last weeks or month, our HyperHEPA filters last up to four years under normal conditions. While other air purifiers begin to lose their effectiveness the moment you turn them on, IQAir systems actually retain or increase effectiveness over time. And their room air purifiers feature a sophisticated control panel that alerts you when its time to change filters, and not a moment earlier.